Police Reports Online

Online Police Reports How much time do your officers spend on minor accident and incident reports Online Police Reports Import citizent completed crime reports into your current records management system Online Police Reports It's like adding a super-cop to your force who handle up to 25% of the workload


  • Convenience for citizens
  • Frees up time for officers
  • Fewer calls into dispatch center
  • Overal response time improves by reducing these non-emergency responses
  • Imports into your RMS
  • Officers can follow up if needed
  • Go paperless. No hard to read handwritten statements
  • Data is secured while while on our servers
  • Total report numbers actually go up
  • Highly customizable with your logo and message



When hiring more officers isn't an option...

Precinct 24 is a force multiplier. Budgets don't always allow you to expand your force. Become a more effective agency by freeing up the officers you do have. Let Precinct 24 handle minor accident and incident reports. Report approval allows officers to screen citizen-created reports before export into your current records management system. As a security measure, reports are then deleted from our servers. See our FAQ section to learn how we keep information secure.
Consider the following breakdown:
4 minutes - Minor incident call comes into dispatch center
2 minutes - Dispatcher locates and dispatches officer
6 minutes - Officer responds to residence of caller
15 minutes - Officer gathers information from Reporting Party
15 minutes - Officer types up report and enters information into RMS

42 total minutes spent on this call. That's time that could be used following up on leads involving major crimes or time that could be spent on community policing etc.